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I have been an old school RAD style programmer using the C, VB and VBA languages since I started my career in 1995. During this time, I have worked mostly as a contractor and freelancer across nearly every market sector including Pharma, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Law, Retail, HR & Payroll, Market Research & Demographics and Government.

Since 2012, I have worked as a freelancer building automated trading systems (EA’s) for the Metatrader 4 trading platform (the most widely used trading platform in the world). 

In this time I have coded and tested every trading system known and have come to understand what makes a profitable trading system and what does not. I have also gained many invaluable insights into the world of trading which I thought need to be shared. So what better way to do this than in the form of 'The World's Best Automated Trading System E'.

Now, as a programmer, I do like a good (or impossible) challenge. So I started this mission by compiling a long wish list of ‘Must-Haves’ and ‘Nice-To-Haves’. Most of the things on this list came from previous customers consisting of institutional traders, full time professional retail traders, part time retail traders and my own personal insights into what the perfect trading system would need to include. In short, a list of what features my customers dream trading system would contain. Here is the list:

•    A system that can monitor as many symbols and time frames as possible looking for my trade setup. Including forex (majors, minors & exotics), metals, energies, commodities, crypto, stocks, indices and futures.
•    A system that can combine elements from different indicators and different time frames to create my ultimate trade setup without changing the EA code every time.
•    A system that will never miss a trading opportunity.
•    A system where I can choose the time frame(s) that I want my trade to open on.
•    A system that will only open my trade once and then turn itself off if I choose.
•    A system that has an ATR based stop loss.
•    A system that has an ATR based trailing stop loss that uses the pro rules (i.e. trail a H4 trade using the M15 chart, etc.).
•    A system that uses an ATR based take profit ratio.
•    A system that can close my trades using the same time frame that my trade was opened on.
•    A system that can close all of my trades when I have reached a set amount of profit.
•    A system that never closes my trades too early and is immune to ‘the whipsaw effect’.
•    A system that can automatically close my trades on a Friday night.
•    A system that doesn’t use up all of my equity in opening new trades (leaving me exposed).
•    A system that doesn’t open a trade if the spread is too high.
•    A system that will never buy at the top or sell at the bottom.
•    A system that works out what lot size to use for me.

The end result, after successfully incorporating all of this list into one EA, I believe, is the greatest trading system ever seen.

Once you have used it your trading life will change forever and you will wonder how you ever traded without it!


Here’s wishing you many successful pips,

Roy Griffin
Programmer / Director