Charity Donations

Better Trading Systems Ltd. Is dedicated to giving a portion of our end of year pre-tax profits to charity. This is currently set at 2.5% for our first year of trading but hopefully this can increase in time as the business grows.

I am a great believer in giving to charity; whether it be giving regularly to your favourite charity, volunteering or just buying a homeless person a cup of coffee on a cold winter’s night.

I also believe that giving to charity is not only good for the person receiving but also good for the person giving as it helps us be grateful for how much we do have.  

Now, every charity can and should be considered as a worthwhile cause but I am also a strong believer in the old saying ‘Buy a man a fish and he can eat for a day, but teach a man to fish and he can eat for life’.

With this in mind, Better Trading Systems Ltd. gives to those charities that provide services that are truly life changing and can turn people's lives around. In my opinion, these charities can affect the biggest impact with the smallest amount of donations received. This ensures that donations always go the furthest and have the greatest impact on the most number of people possible.

If you wish to make a donation to any of the charities below, please follow the link and make your donation directly as this will be the most cost-effective way for the charity to receive your donation.


Water Aid

Concentrates on providing clean water and combating disease and illness. Some of this great charity work consists of:

  • Digging wells.

  • Installing toilet and shower facilities.

  • Installing hand washing facilities


Since it's inception in 1981, Water Aid has reached 27 million people with clean water.

This is one of the most cost effective charities. For every $1 donated, $4 is returned in productivity.



Sightsavers is an international organisation that works in more than 30 of the poorest countries across Africa and Asia to eliminate avoidable blindness.

  • It costs just 15p to treat painful trachoma infections.

  • £12 to protect 720 families from losing their sight to river blindness.

  • £4 to perform trachoma surgery.

  • £30 to perform cataract surgery on an adult.


Smile Train

Smile Train partners with 1,100+ partner hospitals across 90+ of the poorest countries in the world to deliver cleft surgery.

Each surgery costs £150 and can save a child from a lifetime of pain, infection and stigma.