Trigger Trader

With Trigger Trader you get all of the functionality of Standard Trader but with an additional layer which is a semi-automated (one time only) system. The beauty of Trigger Trader is that you can use it at the same time as Standard Trader.


With this system it is possible to use elements from different indicators to create a setup that fires once only on the timeframe(s) you have selected. Once your trade has closed you can choose to open another trade on your selected timeframe(s) which will fire the next time your setup happens.

The most effective way of using Trigger Trader is to use Standard Trader’s multi-timeframe capability to find the big trends, but without opening any trades. Then use Trigger Trader to open the trades across multiple timeframes in the direction of the major trend using your own setup. This allows you to enter the big trends repeatedly, reaping them for every pip possible.